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Are Wooden Chopping Boards Hygienic?

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Even if chopping boards are very important when preparing foods, they can also be dangerous since that provide a breeding ground for bacteria if they are not well maintained. This may lead to spread of various diseases. Most people prefer to use wooden chopping boards as compared to other types of boards. The major question you need to ask yourself before you buy a wooden cutting board is whether it is safe and hygienic. In this article, we shall provide a details answer to this question. Read on.

Reasons why wooden chopping boards are safe

Wood chopping boards are very effective n controlling bacteria. It is believed that 99.9% of bacteria cannot service on a wooden surface. The good thing is that even after using the cutting board for many years, the material will remain resistant to bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This means that they are very safe and hygienic and you should not be worried any time you are using them.

Advantages of using wooden chopping boards

  1. Durable – Unlike plastics, wooden chopping boards lasts longer due to the hard material.
  2. Affordable- Since wood is readily available these boards are very cheap. They are also easy to find.
  3. No effect on the knife- Another benefit is that they do not make your knife dull even after using them for a long time. Their material is sturdy enough to withstand all forms of abuse. They also have self-healing properties.
  4. Easy to maintain- In terms of cleaning, you can use warm water and soap. However, you should not leave them in water.

 Disadvantages of wooden chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards are known to absorb various things such as liquids, scents and oil. As compared to other materials, they are more susceptible to staining. Due to this, most people prefer to use them for preparing ready foods and vegetables.

How to Take Care of Wooden Chopping Boards

The best way to keep wooden cutting boards safe and hygienic is by drying them using a paper towel or a dry cloth immediately after washing. This reduced the time bacteria and other harmful organisms take to multiply. Again, you should not place a wet cloth n the cutting board because it may create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Always clean the board with hot water and soap. You can use the same chopping board for different types of foods but you must always ensure that it is clean before reusing it.

Avoid using excess water when cleaning the board. Doing this may cause it to crack or may lead to warping.

Wrap up

If you have been thinking of purchasing a wooden chopping board, you can now do so without any worry. Wood contains some antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that makes it resistant to bacteria and other harmful organisms. This means that there is less risks of food contamination when you are using a wooden board. However, you must remember to clean after every use. Also ensure that you have dried them completely immediately after washing.


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