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Our Top Picks For Best Glass Kitchen Table


5 Pcs Modern Tempered Glass Table

Top Choice Item

5 piece modern dining set comes with a tempered glass table top and 4 high back faux leather chairs. Starting with sturdiness, the table top is tempered glass which is a toughened glass using chemical and thermal processes. But there is no factory smell of any chemicals which is a bonus. The company does a very good job of combining strong glass with stainless steel legs. This combination provides confidence for the longevity of the chair. The set is a blend of contemporary design with classic comfort as the leather covered chairs are both comfortable and luxurious. The back is simple and does not have any weird designs on it, which makes it look clean. 

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The ergonomic design of the chair provides ease for your spine with its curved back. Makes it easy for long periods of use. The table to chair height is also comfortable. The stainless steel is anti-rust paint coated which eliminates the need of getting it polished. Decay is not a problem at all. The set goes well with all scenarios and blends well providing a modern chic look to your dining room or kitchen. The only drawback is the leather may wear off with time. Screwing the bolts too hard can damage the product. All in all, this glass table top set is unique in its own way. The all black design gives a modern vibe and the manufacturer guarantees a 100% refund if the product fails to satisfy your requests. The delivery is quick within the delivery time range. The screws also do not require to be tightened too much. The table is a definite eye catcher and will appeal to a vast majority. It’s an easy buy and an easy recommendation.

  • Durable Glass
  • No Chemical Smell
  • Comfort
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • None

Latest deal: 5 Pcs Modern Tempered Glass Table


Mecor 5 Piece Dining Table Set

Prime Picked Item

Mecor 5 piece dining table set has an 8mm tempered glass table top with resistant steel legs for ultimate durability and strength. The dark grey and off white accents of the chair look amazing. The chairs are covered in white leather which looks elegant and classy. The leather feels nice too and is easy to clean. The supportive curved back of the chair helps in keeping the natural posture, preventing any spine injuries. The comfortable chairs prevent any cramps from happening. Underneath the high quality leather, hides a soft plush foam which provides comfort for long hours of use. The table glass is scratch resistant and is easy to clean. Space is also a non-issue since the table can handle food and other peripherals at the same time.

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The chairs can take up to 220lbs and are wide enough to fit tall individuals without problem. The chair base is wide enough for all people. The company assures on providing good quality. However, if any problem arises, they have a 30 day return policy. The price on this product speaks for itself when it comes to affordability. The leather may wear off with time. The heavy boxes may cause a carrying problem. Overall, this is a great value. A bank for your buck. The services provided are also great. It blends nicely with light accent backgrounds. Gives a luxurious vibe and has enough space for dining. The glass table itself is durable and the glass used is thick and strong. This is a good buy for the price.

  • Strong & durable
  • White leather chairs
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Leather may wear with time

Latest deal: Mecor 5 Piece Dining Table Set


EBS 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table

Best Value Item

EBS 5 piece kitchen dining table set has tempered glass top table with 4 chairs. The glass end and the frame starts seamlessly to provide confidence in the security of glass. The chairs are leather covered and have soft foam for comfort. Space is also not a problem since the table is wide enough. The simple design will appeal to the minimalists and will fit with all kitchen and dining room décor. The ridged pattern on the chair is a unique take on design. The 8mm tempered glass top with metal frame and legs help provide a long lasting product which can withstand high temperatures. The curved back chair design provides comfortable dining and long engaging conversations. The chairs fit under the table perfectly, giving enough space on the sides when not in use.

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The table has enough elbow room while keeping everything compact. The PU leather is easy to maintain and clean with simple cleaning methods. Leather gives it a very classy look. The assembly is also not a problem at all since the instructions that come along are easy and direct. Hardware pack and furniture pads are also included which are always a welcomed bonus. The chairs need to be cleaned often but that is a minor price to pay considering the actual price of the set. The chairs legs are very thin. Overall, a great eye catching product which appeals to many, especially minimalists. And since it is a simple and elegant table, it goes along with every setup and décor. It blends in easily and perfectly and goes together in no time at all. Product boxes are packaged nicely.  Maintenance is a non-issue as the chairs and the table are very easy to clean. It’s a good buy for the price.

  • Strong glass
  • Wide table
  • Chairs contain foam for extra comfort
  • PU leather
  • Chairs need to be cleaned a lot

Latest deal: EBS 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table


Mecor 7 Piece Glass Kitchen Dining Table

Mecor, once again, comes with a 7 piece dining table set which means more space. The table is wide and provides a lot of space. And since we have 6 seats, more people can be accommodated easily. Chairs fit under the table nicely to provide space. The chairs are once again covered in the same PU high quality leather. The foam is soft and plush. It keeps you comfy and warm while on it. Provides comfort and long sessions of conversation and dining.  The table top is 8mm tempered glass and is very durable and tough. The metal frame adds a protective layer and helps in the longevity of the product. It’s very easy to put together and the instructions are very clear. Once put together, it looks amazing with the sleek black look and goes well with all setups.

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The simple elegance speaks to everyone. Fitting the dining table in small areas can be a problem. Sharp metal edges may also arise. The chairs are ergonomic and curved back to provide comfort and a non-strenuous experience. Overall, once again, Mecor has done a great job in making a good table. This time with space and accommodation in mind. And the way it’s priced, is also very good. It turns many heads and is a definite eye candy. The service is nice and quick. You get what you wish with the set as it is true to the description. Goes perfect with minimal setups and blends in with every scenario perfectly. A very good buy for the price. Easy recommendation.

  • Lots of space
  • Easy to put together
  • Great design
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Hard to fit in small areas

Latest deal: Mecor 7 Piece Glass Kitchen Dining Table


Borneo Compact Dining Set

Borneo compact dining set is a colonial handmade rattan furniture which gives it a very antique retro vibe. The natural rattan is eco-friendly and helps the planet. The rattan pieces are thick for extra grip. The chairs are comfortable with enough padding and perforated back to provide a comfortable and airy experience. The table sides have a crisscross pattern which looks nice. The set is also fully assembled and does not require putting together which saves you the hassle.

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The wooden design is durable and long lasting. The table has a glass top which is sturdy and has a compartment just below the glass, for extra space. The set looks great with outdoor locations but blends in perfectly with kitchens and dining rooms as well. The quality is amazing and the price for it is even better. It can sometimes be difficult to clean. Also there is no flex to the material. Overall, if you are in the market for an antique vibe dining set, this is perfect for you. The packaging is also precise and nice. The color is also very close to the picture provided. It will work in many environments and will go well with an old school look. Rattan feels great in hand and the product itself is a major recommendation.

  • Antique retro vibe
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fully assembled
  • Durable
  • Difficult to clean

Latest deal: Borneo Compact Dining Set


4HOMART Dining Table with Chairs

4HOMART 7 piece dining table set has a wide rectangular tempered glass table top. The set is free of chemical or factory smells. The top is supported on 4 steel tube frames. Both the steel frames and the glass top are rust-proof and anti-resistance, which allows for increased durability and strength. Longevity of your set will not be an issue at all. The part of steel which is in contact with the glass has a rubber seal to prevent scratching. The rubber also provides grip to prevent the glass top from moving. It comes with 6 chairs, covered in white PU leather. The back and cushions have ridges to provide little pockets of air while sitting. Combine that with the soft plush foam hiding underneath all that leather, these chairs nail it in the comfort department.

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The back of the chairs is also curved and the ergonomic design provides a less strenuous experience to keep the conversations going for extended periods of time. The white color implies a sense of simplicity and relaxation. It blends in perfectly with the surroundings and looks pleasant to watch. It’s easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary tools and hardware for proper installation. However it is a one hour job and requires 2 people. Since it has 6 chairs, elbow room can be an issue. Overall, this table is a no brainer with its competitive pricing. The leather is easily wiped when dirty and provides little to no hassle at all while cleaning. The color of the leather is very close to the image provided. The table can withstand 80lbs while the chairs can easily accommodate 220lbs, so it’s fine for tall individuals. The packaging is elegant and clean too. If simplicity and modern look is your thing, this is the definite way to go.

  • No chemical smell
  • Supported on 4 steel tube frames
  • Includes 6 chairs
  • Soft plush foam in chairs for comfort
  • Assembling requires 2 people

Latest deal: 4HOMART Dining Table with Chairs


5 Pc Rattan Wicker Dining Set

The 5 piece rattan wicker dining set is a small round table set which comes with 4 Denver side chair. The set is all white which once again gives a calming and pleasant effect. The beige tint on the white wash color is achieved by painting the rattan white and then polishing it. The material used is handmade and eco-friendly. The round aesthetic of the table continues to the chairs as well with their round backs and round seats. The seats have rope like aesthetics on the arm sides to make it stand out. The seats have a padded foam for a plush experience. The base of the table provides a little basket for storage. The set will look amazing in outdoor lawns, but will go perfect with indoor kitchens and dining rooms as well.

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The multi-purpose look benefits all environments. Some assembly is required for the table but it comes together in no time. The netted back of the chairs gives it a very unique antique vibe and the perforation allows for an airy comfortable experience as well. The color is consistent throughout the set. The drawback is the size of the table which can be small for more than 2 peripherals. Rattan material requires maintenance.  All in all, this chair is an easy buy for people looking to change things up and add an antique flair to their abode. The color looks amazing and is very close to the picture provided. The set knocks it out of the park with its competitive pricing and the eco-friendly material is good for both comfort and the planet. There is no polish or paint smell and comfort is not a compromise at all. Blends in well with archaic backgrounds. It’s an easy recommendation.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Padded foam seats
  • Bottom of the table can be used as storage
  • Great for kitchens
  • Can be a bit small

Latest deal: 5 Pc Rattan Wicker Dining Set


EFD 5PC Dining Set

EFD 5 piece dining table set comes with 4 chairs and a round table. The crisscross pattern of the metal base underneath the table, provides strength. The metal rods are intertwined for strength. The glass on table top is heavy and well-made. The black metal frame provides strength and durability to the entire set. The chairs have a crisscross style back for ergonomics and style.  Allows for comfortable sitting for a long time since the chairs have microfiber material with soft plush foam inside. The padding is also flush with the seat bottom.

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The contemporary design goes with any décor and fits in perfectly with your kitchen and dining room. The curved legs give a stylish yet elegant feel. They also increase the surface area, making the chairs secure. The table itself is a big round and provides a spacious experience. Dining on this set is easy both for formal and casual meals. The back can be a little sore from the straight design. The glass can be a little more wide. Overall, a different design for people who like to mix things up. Goes well with most scenarios and provides a luxurious vibe with its curved design. Nice packaging is a non-issue. Not a problem for putting together and comes together easily. The heavy glass is durable and is backed by a metal frame. It’s a good buy.

  • Extremely durable
  • High quality glass
  • Very stylish
  • None

Latest deal: EFD 5PC Dining Set


VECELO Dining Table with 4 Chairs

VECELO dining table set is a 5 piece set which comes with 4 placemats. The materials used are imported with high quality in mind. The set is all black and looks sleek and modern. The table has painted steel legs to support the tempered glass top. The steel is heavy duty and resilient. The quality is kept in mind while making this product and it delivers on it perfectly. The table looks simple and clean, modern and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a definite eye catcher and appeals to many. It is a minimalist’s dream set and fits in perfectly with all backgrounds. The simple looks is beautiful in its own way. The color is true to the picture provided as well and the set is not a problem at all to put together.

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The precision of the parts is precise and accurate. The chairs are durable and heavy duty along with the table. The chairs have soft padded seats with leather covering the foam. The leather is also easy to clean. The set is comfortable for casual and formal dining occasions. The back does not provide that good of a curve for your back. Buying some seat cushions along with this is recommended. Overall, it is conclusive to say this is a good buy for the price. The comfort and quality is there and is a complete joy to use. It can support up to 200lbs and is a quick assembly. The packaging of the set is also very commendable. There is no wobble in the design at all. This is a clear win in the competitive market and an easy recommendation.

  • Includes 4 placemats
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Steel legs to support glass
  • Durable chairs
  • Recommended to buy extra chair cushions

Latest deal: VECELO Dining Table with 4 Chairs


We saw marvelous takes on a perfect dining table. Manufacturers showed that they are willing to do absolutely anything and everything to provide a quality dining experience. Some provided tempered glass tops and metal frames, while others compensated on that for eco-friendly materials and antique looks. Some came up with thick paddings while others covered their plush foams in microfiber or leather finishes. Polished and anti-rust designs were also seen. All of the manufacturers kept one thing in mind and that was to provide a long lasting and durable experience. Every set was unique and elegant in its own way. Some glass tables took a round top approach while others provided a rectangular shape. Some gave us good space while others kept the fitting process in mind. All of the sets came together beautifully and rather quickly. Last but certainly not the least was their pricing strategies. These sets hold some of the best price tags and appeal to many people. These dining tables are eye candy for all. All manufacturers have proven one way or the other, that they can bring quality, design, durability and comfort to the table with little to no problem at all.

Steven Willis
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