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Blom Table Lamp

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Blom Table Lamp is a modular lamp that can be adjusted according to one’s preferences. We will get to this later. This lamps takes on the Norwegian style, with petals for blades. The lamp looks stunning and graceful.
The amount of detail that went into designing this lamp, shows how beautifully it conveys a thousand emotions in one glance. The lamp is also not that big so fits in perfectly with all settings. The lamp is 24cm tall and has a 15cm diameter, which allows for ease of handling and great fit.
The bulb used for the lamp is a fluorescent electricity saver which does not eat up a lot of electricity when in use. The lamp has a metal base which holds it in place, ensuring its stability. The base is made out of aluminum, which brings durability into the equation. Aluminum base along with the use of polycarbonate for petals allows for a perfect temperature control, making it easy to grab hold of, when in use. This allows prevention of burns, which is a great plus. What makes polycarbonate an excellent material choice is that it is 250 times stronger than glass and is virtually indestructible.
It is easy to transmit light through, which works in favor of the lamp. The material is also thermally insulated, light weight and can be easily cut unto any shape. The convenience it brings to the table, when working with it, makes it an amazing material to be used in lamps. Polycarbonate makes it very easy to install the idea and bring it to fruition in an efficient way. What makes this lamp modular is that it has moving parts. The petals can be rotated to adjust the intensity of light, which is something new brought to the table. The user can have the desired amount of light coming out of the lamp, perfect to suit the need of the situation. This feature makes a great late night working experience as it can be adjusted to a level of satisfaction. The lamp adapts to any situation, and fits into any room may it be an office, a bedroom or a lounge. You name it and it covers it.
The company also offers standard shipping and 100% return and refund policy. The lamp is an amazing deal for the price, and brings a lot of personality and functionality to the table.

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  • Quality
  • Price
  • Design
  • Ease of use

Can Turn Whole Lamp For Brightness Levels


Multiple Colors Available


Quite a White Light

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