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Galaxy Table Lamp

Table lamps have been known to vamp up the look of every room with elegance and creativity. The Galaxy Table Lamp nails both of these categories, especially in creativeness. The planetary appeal of the galaxy theme, beautifully conferred through golden lines and curves displayed throughout the acrylic glass, looks ecstatic. Since the glass used is acrylic, it can be molded into desired shapes easily, which allows the final product to live up to the desired expectations.

Acrylic is also weather and impact resistant which adds a layer of durability to improve on the longevity of the lamp. Acrylic is highly transparent and allows for every pattern to be easily visible. Retains color very well and is also lighter than glass which allows for easy handle.

A lot of close attention has been given to details when it comes to the exact parts that need to light up for the magical galaxy experience it brings. The stand is made out of plywood which is again an excellent material choice for durability and looks. Plywood has a great appeal and is strong. The wood will not shrink or expand, and is much better than medium density fiberboard. The lamp fits in with almost all settings and provides an antique as well as a modern vibe with its material choices and theme used respectively. The gold glowing base, lighting up the entire glass sufficiently to look amazing, makes for an alluring experience. The lamp is perfectly sized for side tables and bedroom settings.

It will also go great with office and lounge setting as well. This timeless piece of art really puts things into perspective and fits perfectly in a creative environment. Compliments the room with inspiration and motivation to explore. The price of the lamp speaks for itself. The quality it offers at such an affordable price is off the charts. I don’t think you can find a better deal anywhere else.

The delivery is standard and the company also allows for 100% refund, provided the return is informed about as soon as possible. The freehand lines on the side of plywood gives an amazing pattern and hence, a great sense of depth to the pure elegance of the lamp. Overall, an amazing package, it’s a steal!

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  • Quality
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  • Design
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Extremely Unique


Doesn't Break Easily


Not Very Bright

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