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How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last?

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Foam mattresses are among the best for those searching for a durable mattress. However, their durability depends on various things like their construction, density, number of layers and type of memory foam. In this article, we shall discuss how these factors affect the durability of the foam mattress.

What is foam density?

This one is calculated per cubic foot. The low-density mattress can support 1.5 LB per cubic foot. On the other hand, high-density mattresses are suitable for heavier people since they can comfortably support a total weight of 4-6lb per cubic foot. The medium ones supports a weight of 2-lb per cubic foot. High-density mattresses are the best and the most durable since they are resistant to stress. They also distribute your weight evenly the supporting layers which means that the stress on these layers will be less.

How Rebound Pressure affects the durability of a foam mattress

This one is also known as resilience. Kids love dancing and jumping on foam mattresses. What makes this possible is the rebound pressure provided by the foam mattress. The good thing about the layers in foam mattresses is that they have a great resilience which means that they can withstand any form of abuse without affecting the durability of the mattress.

What makes memory foam mattresses durable?

The major reasons that contribute to the durability of foam mattresses are their foam properties. Memory foam is very sensitive to heat and moulds. It is also made to conform with the shape of your body. Since it is made of quality materials, it is able to regain its shape once you wake up. The layers are also thick enough to support people with different weights. However, you need to pick the correct size which matches your weight when buying.

How to boost the durability of a foam mattress

  1. Vacuum- You should vacuum your mattress frequently or once per week to remove any dirt. Before doing this, ensure that you have the necessary upholstery attachment to control pressure. Some mattresses come with a zipper which makes your work easier when you want to vacuum the internal parts.
  2. Cleaning – In case you want to remove stains, you can use cleaning agents such as vinegar since they do not have moisture contents. Always ensure that you are using the recommended cleaning agents.
  3. Spray – Use anti-infectious and antifungal sprays to remove any harmful elements from the mattress. However, you should ensure that the sprays are free from moisture.
  4. Dry – You should avoid exposing the mattress to direct sunlight. This one is one of the best ways of removing odors of the spray from the mattress.

Wrap Up

Apart from being comfortable, memory foam mattresses are among the most durable mattresses on the market. They can last for over 10 years if you know how to take care of them. They are built to provide more than 29,000 hours of comfortable sleep. However, you need to ensure that you have purchased the best foam mattress since not all of them will last. As we had stated earlier, you need to check the density, material and type of memory foam used to determine the durability.


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