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How to Buy a Mattress

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A mattress is one of the most essential things you will require every day since sleep is one of the most essential parts of life. Finding a comfortable mattress that can effectively relieve pressure on all parts of your body is not easy. Today there are so many brands of mattress which makes it almost impossible to determine the best. To make your work easier, we shall discuss some of the major factors that will enable you to determine a quality mattress.

  1. Comfort – The most important part you should think of when buying is the comfort levels. The materials used in the production of the mattress will determine this. Ensure that the mattress is made of superior gel, memory foam or any other comfortable material that will allow you to sleep comfortably.
  2. Support– A good mattress should allow your body to align well without any discomfort. Otherwise, you will always experience back pains if the mattress is not supportive.
  3. Edge support – For those who sleep towards the edge of the bed, a mattress with strong edge support is a must. If possible, you should look for a mattress with upgraded memory foam around the edge. Memory foam mattresses do not have an edge support because they are made to conform with your body shape. This means that they may not be the best for edge sleepers.
  4. Temperature – Another important thing is the heat retention. The best mattress should have proper ventilation or advanced foams that allow good flow of air. Some mattress may cause you to sweat at night and may be very uncomfortable.
  5. Motion – If you share the bed with a partner, you need to look for a mattress that minimizes motion transfer. Some cheap mattresses won’t allow you to sleep comfortably when your partner turns or wakes up. It is therefore good to try the mattress first before buying to ensure that it is the most ideal for the two of you.
  6. Price- You need to set a budget to avoid overspending. You will find that the prices of mattresses varies according to type, brand and materials used in its production. Irrespective of price, make sure that you have picked the right size.
  7. Reviews– You need to check what customers are saying about the mattress before buying. This will also give you a chance to compare the prices of different products to know which one is the most ideal for you.
  8. Type– There are different types of mattresses and each type is made of different materials. Below are the most common types.
  • Specialty foam – These ones are usually made of foams. The most common ones are memory foam and latex. In terms of comfort, these mattresses are the best.
  • Innerspring – Innersprings are the traditional ones and they usually have springs or coils. Some are wrapped individually while others are joined together.
  • Hybrid – These combines both features if specialty and innersprings mattresses.


A mattress is one of the most important items you must have. However, if it is poorly made, you are likely to experience back pains and other forms of discomfort. We hope that this guide will help you to choose a mattress that suits your requirements.


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