How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

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Most people would prefer a softer mattress than a firm one. However, there are various reasons why people opt for a firm mattress. One of the reasons is that soft mattresses tend to sag at the center and may lead to back and neck pains. For those with back injuries, doctors recommend them to use a firm mattress as a form of therapy. Most of the mattresses are very firm after buying but they become soft after some time. If you are searching for the best methods to make your mattress firmer, we have outlined the steps you need to follow. Check them below.

  1. Check the foundation – If your bed is getting old, you may need to check the foundation to ensure that it is intact. In case the mattress is too soft, you may need to confirm whether there are excessive wear and tear. If the foundation is not solid, the mattress is likely to sag and may not be comfortable. In case you are using a box spring, you need to ensure that it is very firm. Also, check whether it is broken. You should replace it immediately in case you find that it is broken.
  2. Make it cool – Memory foam responds according to the room temperatures. If you want it to be too soft, you can warm the room. However, if you want to make it firm, you can reduce the room temperatures to stiffen the material. You should do this a few hours before you get to bed.
  3. Mattress topper – Not all mattress toppers are meant to soften the mattress. Some are made of firm materials that give you a firm surface. The best materials for firmness are compact wool and Dunlop latex. Don’t go for a memory foam topper since they are very soft.
  4. Dampness – Your mattress may become too soft after absorbing water or moisture from the air especially if you live in humid areas. Therefore, you may need to lay the mattress on the sun. However, some mattresses may be affected by direct sunlight. This means that you need to check the instructions to know whether there is any effect of drying it on the sun.
  5. Replace layers – Most of the mattresses usually come with a removable cover or a zipper. Such mattresses allow you to remove saggy and old layers. This also means that you can easily replace these layers with firm ones. However, you may need t check the warranty terms since most manufacturers will not allow you to take the mattress back in case of any defects from the altered products.
  6. Plywood boards – You can place plywood boards between the frame of the bed and the mattress. This will add some extra support and will also make your mattress firm.


When it comes to sleeping, people prefer to use different materials for comfort. Some prefer soft materials while others prefer firm ones. For those who love sleeping on a firm mattress, the above points will be of great help instead of buying a new mattress.


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