What Chopping Board Color For What Food?

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Today there are 7 types of color chopping boards that you can find in professional kitchens. These colors are suitable for different types of foods. The major reason why chopping boards are available in different colors is to prevent cross-contamination. If you have been wondering the best color to use when preparing different foods, we have made your work easier by explaining the best color for each type of food.

  1. Red chopping board- This one is mostly preferred for high-risk foods such as chicken and raw meat.
  2. White chopping board – White chopping board is the most ideal for dairy products for example when you are cutting cheese.
  3. Yellow chopping board – Any time you want to prepare cooked meat, a yellow chopping board will be the best to use.
  4. Brown chopping board – This one is suitable for vegetables preparation. You can also use it to prepare root vegetables.
  5. Green chopping board – Green-chopping boards are commonly used to prepare cucumbers, oranges and some other types of fruits.
  6. Purple chopping board – If you want to prepare nuts, you should look for a purple cutting board. It also prevents cross-contamination of allergies.
  7. Blue chopping board – This one is the best when you want to prepare raw fish.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are no set standard that shows that you must use specific chopping board colors when preparing different types of foods. You can use any but you need to ensure that it is very clean.

Tips for consider when using color-coded chopping boards

Before you decide on the color of chopping board you would like to use, it is good to think of the types of foods you will be preparing. You also need to choose the correct size but this may not only vary because of the foods you are preparing but also your workplace.

How to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria when using chopping boards

Germs and bacteria in your kitchen are the major cause of food poisoning. However, to be on the safe side, always consider the following.

  • Never prepare foods on a chopping board that has already been used to prepare raw meat. The board must be thoroughly cleaned after every use.
  • Always use the right color of chopping board when preparing different foods.
  • Never use a chopping board that is full of scratches.
  • If you want to minimize chances of cross contamination acrylic or plastic chopping boards are the best.
  • Plastic or acrylic chopping boards must be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Always rinse the board with soapy and warm water after washing.
  • Never use a tea towel to dry the chopping board. Instead, always use a paper towel.


Whether you are a professional chef or you are just searching for chopping board you can use in your home, you need to consider color-coded chopping boards. These boards greatly help to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria when preparing different types of foods. Doing this will also prevent spread of various diseases. The good thing about chopping boards is that they are very cheap.


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