What Kind of Cutting Board Is Best For Meat?

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Cutting boards are among the most important kitchen accessories you should have. They make your work easier when preparing different types of foods. Again, they are made of different materials and require a thorough cleaning to prevent the build-up of bacteria. In this article, we shall discuss the best cutting board materials for meat and why they are the best. Check them below.

  1. Wood– Wood is the most popular material when it comes to the production of cutting boards. The most common types of wood are maple and walnut. The good thing about wood is that it has a porous surface which allows you to cut your meat easily.

Again, wooden cutting boards are self-healing which means that you can use them for many years. However, you need to be very careful because tiny pieces of meat can remain on the surface which might lead to the accumulation of bacteria. You have to clean it thoroughly with suitable cleaning agents after using it.

  1. Plastic –If you are searching for the most hygienic chopping board, plastic boards are the best. They are very easy to clean since you can easily clean them in a dishwasher. Plastic materials are readily available which means that they are also cheap.

Again, plastic is non-porous which means that it doesn’t allow any food particles to accumulate within the surface. Another reason why plastic boards are the best for cutting meat is that they are not only durable but are also easy to maintain. However, this material is not resistant to scratch which means that bacteria are likely to grow on the material.

  1. Bamboo – This one is another common material but you can easily confuse it with wood. The good thing about bamboo is that it is renewable and very friendly to the environment. It is very hard and as a result, you have to sharpen your knife several times when chopping. It comes with compactly packed grains which makes it less non-porous. As compared to wood, bamboo is more affordable. However, you need to oil it frequently to prevent it from splintering. After some time, bamboo-cutting boards tend to be prone to bacteria.
  2. Glass and stone – These ones are the best in terms of cleaning. They have a non-porous material that prevents the build-up of bacteria. Apart from that, they are stylish and colorful. However, due to their abrasive surface, they may damage your knife when cutting. They also encourage the growth of bacteria even f they are made of non-porous material.

How to Take Care of Cutting Boards

Most of the chopping board materials are very easy to clean. However, all of them require proper maintenance to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Stone, plastic, and glass cutting boards are the easiest to maintain. Wood and bamboo might be a bit hard to clean but it is advisable to use proper cleaning agents like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, salt, or lemon when cleaning These cleaning agents are very effective in killing bacteria.


If you have been searching for the best cutting board for meat, it is our hope that now you are aware of the best materials you should consider. The good thing about these materials is that they are durable and easy to maintain.


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